Terms Of Service

Whenever we take in an order, we always ensure that we give our students the best assistance to write their assignments and projects. We give them the right references and ideas to help them in their writing and in their studies. We request that our service be taken as a genuine resource to complete their work.

Once a student chooses any of our services and fills in an order form, that very moment there is an agreement between us and the student. It is then our responsibility to see that all arrangements are made to carry out all instructions of the student.

Once we have accepted the order, the student is bound by the terms and has to make a full payment. Student needs to make minimum initial payment of 20% of total order price.

Once we have completed and delivered our work to the student; he/she is given maximum of 48 hours to come back with queries. Within this period you can come back to us with any kind of discrepancies like say conceptual errors, grammatical errors, word count (such situations would most likely never occur). You are free to ask for any revision if we have not been up to your initial instructions.

If the student wants any additional revisions or changes which were not included in the initial instructions then he/she will need to pay a nominal sum as per the changes required.

We are one of the leading and most reputable service providers and always give our 100% to every job we undertake. If for any reason you are not happy, you have every right to ask for a refund. Before you do so, kindly read the refund policy.

We request you to give clear and precise instructions about your assignment. This will avoid any unnecessary confusions or revisions.

We retain the authority to amend or revise the Terms and conditions at any time. Whatever is the most current version remains valid.

All our coursework, assignment, written work etc will be only in digital format, unless otherwise specified. If students need hand written solution, then that need to be specified while submitting the order.

We do not disclose any of our student’s personal information unless required by the law.

Refund Policy

eTutorConnect is a reputable assignment help services provider. We have been helping students to enhance their understanding and meet their academic needs. We aim to keep our policies crystal clear and transparent so that none of our student's progress is hampered in anyway. We take full liability for any of our mistakes. If you have ordered a task from us and we are not able to deliver it as per your instructions, then we would be liable to give you a fractional or complete refund.

Refund Policy: All Assignment Experts

We ensure 100% customer satisfaction by providing quality solution and multiple free reworks till you are satisfied. Once the solution has been shared with you, a refund can be claimed within a period of 7 days. After this period, we will not entertain any claims.

We ensure plagiarism free solution. But, if any content turns out to be plagiarized, then the student can ask for the refund. Based on the quality of solution provided to the student, our accounts team will decide the refund amount.

If you are charged twice by mistake by the payment processing website, then you are liable for a full refund of additional payment. Forward both the payment receipt to our email ID and we will take care of the rest. We might also ask you to check with the payment company, as sometimes there is a possibility of an error on their side.

If you decide to cancel your order once the expert has been assigned, then you will not be eligible for any refund. We make advance payment to the writer to start working on the order which makes it difficult for us to refund the amount in these situations.

We ensure we assign your order to the best expert in the field. However, on some rare occasions, if we are unable to find any qualified expert for you, then we will deliver the next assignment (equal amount) FREE of cost.

If you make any claim, our quality team has the rights to go through the claim and reject or approve depending on the reasons specified.

There is no cash refund policy (except for, if you were charged twice by mistake). If your refund claim is genuine then we will add that amount in your All Assignment Experts account. You can use the money for making the next order payment.

If our quality team agrees to a refund then the refund amount will be added to your All account within 2 working days.


We always deliver our work within time and in fact, much before the deadline. That gives our students enough time to get familiar with the task and benefit from it. If for any reason, we are not able to deliver the solution, then the student can ask for a refund. Please have a look at our refund policies.

If there are any delays due to some wrong information or incorrect contact details given by the student, then we are not responsible for the same.

Terms And Conditions Violations

If any of our terms or conditions is violated, we may cancel the order. Hence, we request that you please read and follow all the terms and conditions before you place an order. If a student violates our terms and conditions in any way, we also have the right to not give any refund for any task undertaken on his behalf

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